Samuel Pepys Diary - in code 1668

The Complete Diary


First read a commentary based on Claire Tomalin's The Unequalled Self

Secretive Passages in Chronological Order

In cooperation with my colleague Prizzlesprung, who is sifting the Diary again for secretive passages, we present the following:

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| January 16th | January 25th |

January 16th , 1668
“…. However we did get a pretty dinner ready for him; and there he and I to discourse of many things, and I do find him a very excellent person, such as in my whole [life] I do not know of another better qualified for converse, whether in things of his own trade or of other kinds, a man of great understanding and observation, and very agreeable in the manner of discourse, and as civil as far as is possible.  I was mightily pleased with his company; and after dinner did take coach with him and my wife and girl to a play and to carry him thither to his own house.  But I light by the way to return home, thinking to have spoke with Mrs. Bagwell, who I did see today in our entry, come from Harwich, whom I have not seen these twelve months I think and more, and voudrais haver hazer algo with her, sed she was gone; and so I took coach, and away to my wife at the Duke of York’s House in the pit; ….”

January 25th, 1668
“Up, and to the office, where all the morning.  At noon home to dinner and then to the office again, where we meet about some business of D. Gawden’s till candle-light; and then, as late as it was, I down to Redriffe and so walked by moonlight to Deptford, where I have not been a great while; and my business I did there was only to walk up and down about la casa of Bagwell, but could not see her; it being my intent to have spent a little time con her, she being newly come from her husband.”




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