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Pepys' diary was written in shorthand so could not easily be read by a casual browser. There are, however, some passages of a secretive nature where, for reasons of concealment or because his passion deserves a special language, he resorts to a private code involving words based on Spanish, French and Italian.

The present edition was bowdlerised by its translator The Rev. Mynors Bright and while the definitive Latham and Matthews edition records the code it does not provide explanatory notes.

In Samuel Pepys The Unequalled Self, Claire Tomalin however does explain certain passages, which are given below.
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"... and did tocar mi cosa con su mano [ touch my thing with her hand] through my chemise but yet so as to hazer me hazer la grande cosa " [make me make the great thing (orgasm)]

He had to use "some little violence" to get hold of her hand "contra su will" [against her will] and force it to where he wanted it, "she making many little endeavours para oter su mano [to remove her hand] still."

On February 5th 1667 he even manages some stimulation with Betty while sitting next to his wife:
"I did come to sit avec Betty Michell, and there had her main, which elle did give me very frankly now, and did hazer whatever I voudrais avec l', which did plaisir me grandement"
His French is clear - avec = with, main = hand, elle = she, hazer = make, voudrais avec la = would have with her, plaisir = pleasure, grandement = greatly, besar = kiss

Elsewhere Tomalin explains that his garbled foreign phrases heightened his pleasure by marking sexual experiences with special words:
tocar = touch, ella = she, su = her, abaxo = below, douce = soft, mamelles = breasts, lay long hazendo doz vezes con mi moher on grando pleasure to me and ella = lay long making love with my wife to the great pleasure of us both.

Tomalin writes about the "climax" of Pepys' affair with Betty in February 1667:

"The next part of the story is one of Pepys' virtuoso narratives. He mixes Spanish and French words into the English as he moves from delight to eroticism to fear, sweaty panic and relief":

"... the mistresse of the shop took us into the kitchen and there talked and used us very prettily, and took her [Betty is assumed to be his wife] for my wife, which I owned [admitted to] and her big belly [she is pregnant, though not by Pepys], and there very merry, till my thing done, and then took coach and home, in the way tomando su mano [taking her hand] and putting it where I used to do; which ella did suffer [she put up with] , but not avec tant de freedom [not as freely] as heretofore, I perceiving plainly she had alguns [some] apprehensions de me but I did offer natha [nothing] more then what I had often done. But now comes our trouble, I did begin to fear that 'su marido' [her husband] might go to my house to enquire pour elle [ask about her], and there, trouvant my muger [find my wife] at home, would not only think himself, but give my femme [wife] occasion to think strange things. This did trouble me mightily, so though 'elle' would not seem to have me trouble myself about it, yet did agree to the stopping the coach at the streete's end, and je allois con elle[I walked home with her] home, and there presently hear by him that he had newly sent 'su mayde' to my house to see for her mistresse. This do much perplex me, and I did go presently home Betty whispering me behind the tergo do her mari [behind her husband's back], that if I would say that we did come home by water, elle could make up 'la cose well satis' [she would satisfy my thing], and there in a sweat did walk in the entry ante my door, thinking what I should say a my 'femme',

And he is clearly fond of Betty. Although a week later Betty told him she did not like masturbating him and he resolved to "mind my own business more": he still loved her "I aime her de todo mi corazon [I love her with all my heart].

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